The processing to become the Wealthy Grain


We purchase rice from selected parts of Thailand, especially as Jasmine Rice is that breeding rice and is originally grow here. We choose the best varieties to meet our customers’ needs, and insist on regular controls.


The highest technology of rice processing (PCL) is used for our production line; we import modern machines to ensure a final product that will meet your approval.

3. Section & Storage of Quality Raw Material

A purchaser will travel and survey crops to find the best rice. Once get into the plant, it will be cleaned and stored in a controlled silo to preserve quality until processing.

4. Refinement, Inspection and Quality Control

The process to remove any foreign objects such as stones or gravel, using magnets while other foreign objects, seeds or plant fragments are removed with a Color Sorter.

Once sorted, quality controllers check grain length, the amount of unbroken and broken grains, color and polish to assure the rice quality meets the strict standards set by the Buririce Group.

5. Final stage

Quality control is extended to check the quality of the rice after cooking. It must be soft and tender, the desired texture of consumers.

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